How has your journey been so far, learners?

(Jeremy Howard) #245

Thanks for sharing! FYI there’s a whole thread for sharing your posts, where these might get more attention.

(Brandon) #246

Hey everyone,
I’m Brandon from the US and I have been learning to work as a DS for the last year during and after my masters in Geology and Statistics. I’m taking the course to get better at my stats/machine learning skills as well as learn to use some powerful resource platforms like Paperspace tools and get better at python.

Nice to meet everyone,

(Killdary Aguiar de Santana) #247

Hi everyone,
My name is Killdary, I’m live in Brazil and work in a shoe factory as a system analyst. I recently started a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and for 3 months I have gone deep in deep learning to be a data scientist. I started because of their excellent proposals and comments on the internet, I hope to learn a lot from you.

See you.

(Raymond) #248

Hi guys,
I am Raymond, I from Banglore, my day job is Applying Reinforcement Learning to Games. After office hours i work on side projects trying to implement published papers in NLP domains. Just started Lesson 1 and setting up PaperSpace VMs. Really excited about this journey.

(Mike Ornstein) #249

I’m Mike. I’m hopeful that this course will help build a background useful for identify opportunities where I can apply Deep Learning in my day job as an aerospace systems engineer in Los Angeles. I’m also eager to meet some good people I can learn along side with!

(Abhishek Sharma) #250

Hello guys,

I’m Abhishek. I’m working as a Data Scientist working in ad tech and hoping to dig deep in Deep Learning to broaden my horizon. Just started Lesson 1 and really liked @jeremy way of teaching, hoping to learn and contribute throughout this journey.


I’m a data-something (scientist? that’s what it says on my business card…) working in education. Currently finishing up a fellowship that ends in August, and taking this course as my (finally) plunge into DL/ML. I’ve pretty much been on the data carpentry, automation, viz and descriptive side of things and it is time to change that…


(Muhriddin Ismoilov) #252


I am Muhriddin, recently finished my CS, and now working as Full-stack developer.
So far interest in Probability Course in University took me through some coursera courses such as ML, where I get core principles of Machine learning and Deep Neural Nets.

Now I started a new journey in and my goal is learning how to solve problems and actually solve them. And work where I love my work.

Happy hacking and kaggling. :smiley:

(Gourav Shaw) #253

Hello Everyone I am Gourav! Hope to learn a lot from all of you…