How has your journey been so far, learners?

(Ankit) #225

Hello Everyone,

I am working in Bangalore in the Banking Industry. I have been working in analytics (or something close to this) for the past five years now. I have been trying to get myself more immersed in the field of Machine learning over the last two years through different online courses. I have spend considerable amount of time on both of the Andrew NGs courses - Machine Learning and Deep
I started my journey through the book - Introduction to Statistical Learning, which was also helpful in getting a hang of R at that time.
Lately I found that I have hit a roadblock with so many things to learn, and I guess this course came up in one of the Medium blogs so I am giving this a try. Hope I also find it as useful as some of you guys!
All the best to you all with your future Endeavors in ML and AI.

(Medhir Bhargava) #226


I am a full-stack web developer in Seattle, WA with ~4 years of on and off coding experience. I’m starting this course just out of personal interest… I don’t have much of a background in ML/DL, but since it’s becoming so widely used I think it’s important to have a cursory understanding.

I’m particularly interested in pushing forward the discussion on the ethics of Deep Learning applications and whether or not we have an obligation to explain to the layperson how these models actually work + are being used.

I’m also learning Blender for artistic pursuits and am hoping to use some of the knowledge gained here to produce some interesting visuals using style transfer techniques.



It has been good. The most frustrating thing is this forum. New users need to spend 10 min reading 3 posts to post. I have a burning question that I need help with and I have been reading posts for help without registering. So this means that when I actually need to post, I don’t get to when I first register. I think this is a really bad rule and it’s much better just to limit new user’s post cooldown times, rather than outright not letting them post.

(Jan Van de Poel) #228

Hi everyone,

I’m a Xamarin mobile app developer with a computer science background. I started in Machine Learning a couple of months ago and already took the Coursera course on Machine Learning and deeplearningai.

While I’m exploring I’m trying to write down my experiences on a small blog which already contains my reviews of Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Introduction and the Deep Learing Specialization on Coursera.

Once I finish fastai, I’ll be sure to add a review as well.

Looking forward to learning and meeting new people!