Dstl Satellite Imagery Feature Detection

(Xinxin) #21

This is so cool, can’t wait to hear your experience. Congratulations!

(Suresh ) #22

Congratulations… This is awesome. Hope to hear more about your learnings.

(Christina Young) #23

Congratulations! That is awesome… looking forward to hearing your story. And thanks Jeremy for such a great class – I am learning so much! :grin:

(Zhuangfang Yi) #24

Wow, big congrats, this is awesome!!
I would love to learn more what you guys have done, 22nd is pretty impressive especially this is your first time to handle satellite images.

(alex) #25

I’d love to hear more about your approach - have you written a blog post anywhere or is your code open source?

(Charles Neiswender) #26

I know I’m delayed, but congratulations! I’m definitely interested in hearing how you got there, since I’m also relatively green when it comes to kaggle competitions, and image recognition projects. Cheers.

(Oliver) #27

@melissa.fabros was this writeup ever posted?