Dogs vs Cats - lessons learned - share your experiences


(David Gutman) #43

Looks like the final answer wasn’t that complicated. Just throw a bunch of pretrained networks at the problem + ensembling.

(Stephen Lizcano) #44

So much training and training time though…I wonder, is this really applicable in real life applications?

Just seems like a grand ensemble of all possibilities, which wouldn’t be useful or applicable for real world applications?

(David Gutman) #45

You can try to create a single neural network that consolidates the information from your ensemble into a single simpler model.


Hi I am trying to run the ensemble notebook but I am running into a problem. When building the ensemble on the first pass when setting the weights at the top of train_dense_layer

def train_dense_layers(i, model):
conv_model, fc_layers, last_conv_idx = get_conv_model(model)
conv_shape = conv_model.output_shape[1:]
fc_model = Sequential(get_fc_layers(0.5, conv_shape))
for l1,l2 in zip(fc_model.layers, fc_layers):
weights = l2.get_weights()
l1.set_weights(weights) <------ Returns following error

the error

ValueError: You called ‘set_weights(weights)’ on layer "batchnormalization_xx with a weight list of length 0, but the layer was expecting 4 weights. Provided weights:[]…

Every time I retry the cell xx keeps increasing and when I look after the cell at the model summary the xx is always xx - 1.

Not sure I explained that very well.

So far I have discovered that dropout is causing a problem in this weight setting. All layers setting weights match until layer 4 is reached. In which we try to set the batchnormalization weights with dropout weights which of course there aren’t. Now I have to discover how to solve this.
If the layers have to match then I see the only way to get them to match is to add dropout to the l1 layers or remove dropout from the l2 layers. I tried the latter with comments which didn’t seem to work

I figured it out::

The get_fc_layers uses batch normalisation so calls to egg should use vgg16BN or remove the bn from get_fc_layers.

Thanks if you have had a similar issue


My experience was the ensemble results don’t match the position on the leader board. It is overfitting.


Took the Mnist ensemble and merged it to implement the dogscats-ensemble. The result; I moved up the leader board 150 places with respect to the original dogscacts-ensembler. (0.06668).

Changing the notebooks is quite challenging with out an xml type editor.

I want to change my latest to include Jeremy’s resnet50, but I am having problems fine tuning the model, i.e. to get dense 2 way output. I can remove (pop) the end layers or create with include_top=False but if I try to add a batch norm as per the ensemble three layers I am passing into batch norm parameters when they are not expected. Not sure what I am doing wrong

(Deep Learner) #49

Joining the party a little late. The Dogs Vs Cats competition is closed, however I went ahead and submitted my file just to see where i was .

I was getting the validation accuracy of 0.9170 after 3 epochs following the notebook step by step. however, my logloss was pretty terrible. initially i did 0.025/0.975 and got logloss of 0.33. I then changed to 0.05/0.95 as in the notebook and it improved slightly.

Dogs and Cats predictions before clipping

Is dog predictions after clipping 0.05/0.95

Any pointers would be hugely appreciated…


(Deep Learner) #50

There are only 36 images within isdog where the probability is between 0.2 and 0.8 and 14 images where isdog is between 0.4 and 0.6

(Morgan Weiss) #51

What is the ‘_from’ and ‘to’ variables?