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@tthrift Hmm, I’m pretty sure, that the XServer should not be a big slow down. When I view the GPU usage with watch nvidia-smi I’m seeing around 50 %.


Nvidia recently released Ubuntu 18.04 with CUDA 9.2 images on dockerhub, anyone tried upgrading their images to it? Is it worth it, any code that breaks with upgrade?

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@xev In this image I’m using the images from their NGC registry. They have a monthly release cycle and in the May release uses 16.04. Maybe they switch to 18.04 in the June release.


Well I meant these images - - they already released 9.2-cudnn7-*-ubuntu18.04. Worth the trouble upgrading over ubuntu 16.04 image?

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@xev Ahh, sorry I thought I’m in my own Dockerfile thread. Personally I don’t think it’s giving you any advantage running the same CUDA/CuDNN stack on 16.04 or 18.04.