Dallas Fast.ai Study Group

(Phil Weslow) #21

@sha, the first session was just planning. We officially start digging into Lesson 1 on Thursday. We still have about four spots left for Thursday. If you have not done so, I would recommend RSVP’ing and/or requesting membership to the group via Meetup.


I have already RSVP in the meetup group. Looking forward to the session.

(Phil Weslow) #23

For those of you who are attending for the first time, it’s helpful if you send me a private message on here on the Fast.ai forum with the name you used to RSVP on Meetup, so that I can update your member status. @sha, I have already updated your status.


Coming today, thanks Phil for the meetup event.


Jeremy Yao, please update my name, thanks.

(Hongjin Yu) #26

Wow, just found out about this 1h before the meetup and I live 5 min away. Guess you won’t have time to process my membership and RSVP, but I will probably show up since it’s so close (and kick my self out if there are no spots)

(Joseti) #27

Interested, I am going to attend


Looking forward for the second session on Wednesday.

(Phil Weslow) #29

Many thanks to those who came out to our last session and made it a success! I’m looking forward to the next session on Wednesday, August 15th.

We had some last minute signups for the event. Fortunately, we were able to accommodate all interested parties. As a word of caution, however, if you are not able to RSVP for a session, you should not assume that you will be allowed to participate.

(Chakra) #30

Chakra here - I will be attending and also posted on meetup


Looking forward for the session.