Crestle [easier alternative to AWS]

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Crestle is a fraud service. I downloaded a dataset and kept it for one day (Monday). Next day(Tuesday) I deleted everything from my home directly, still it shows I have been using 25 gb disk space. Looting people for no reason.


How can I use Crestle to connect my localhost


How can I use Crestle to connect my localhost @anurag anurag

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You haven’t quite deleted everything. Try running rm -rf .*. There’s a large .local directory that you can view with ls -al. Once you delete all the . directories, the disk usage will update in a few hours.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with Crestle.

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Hello! I’m new to using cloud service, and while I sign up for Crestle I haven’t noticed to shutdown Jupyter so before I log out, so now my free usage time for GPU is over. Now I have to pay the bills for continue using, I would like to make sure how to shutdown Jupyter after finished editing? Otherwise my account my be bankrupted in a short time if I don’t find out.
Besides, I just signed up in Crestle yesterday and didn’t do any coding yet, but my disk usage space is already over 170MB, I wonder why ?

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I was a big fan of Crestle. I used it in my prev project and it worked like a Charm. I used the Paid service too and all was well.
Yesterday, I wanted to try out Crestle for my new project and it took a lot of time in creating the Jupyter CPU based notebook. I just logged out and then it said it could not create the notebook.
I logged back again and now it says I have already a Notebook running. But thats a ghost notebook. I dont have any URL where I can use that.
I hope I am not charged for this ghost notebook.
Also ,I am unable to create new notebook anymore as it says some notebook is already running… (Baaahh… Smoke outta my ears…)
I immediately wrote to Support e-mail address and there is no response on it (which is very disappointing). Is that e-mail address still functional?
I don’t know where else to ask for support.

My Crestle login is same as the e-mail address associated with this Forum account.

Thank you,
–EDITED-- to add the fact that I cant create new notebooks any more. I need to use the GPU for my latest work and I am running out of time. I am so used to Crestle and I dont want to try anything else. (I have used FloydHub before… Crestle was like fresh air… Hope it remains so)

2)Whenever I login, I get an immediate message “Sorry, the notebook could not be started. Please try again in a few minutes.”.
And when I start the notebook, it says “You can run only one notebook at a time.”

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I got the same problem, any news?

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looking into it!

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working smooth again thanks!

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Yep, everything is back to normal. Sorry for the trouble everyone!