Confused in finding a DL job-- My interview experience sharing

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Actually, I start learning machine learning since 2016, I have some foundation about neural network, and fastai help me to go deeper, every concept I learnt from Andrew Ng’s course, got particed and reinforced in fastai:grinning: I have to say it’s a great “action” course, many technique Jeremy mentioned are very useful.

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Congrats Justin!!

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Really inspiring! Thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations for the job :smile:

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Congratulations @justinho
I’m reading your post, awesome writing.
Anyway I’m CS student from SJTU Shanghai, still in progress to learn from and learn some Chinese language too, haha.
Please read my personal message, need to clarify some thought before I graduate next year :smiley:


This is a very interesting discussion. I was wondering if there is any underlying IP issues related to deeply rely on a framework - such as Fast.AI library? Is this the reason those companies want to go a non-framework way? In other words, “do you own the underlying technology that you are re-tooling?”

Ops just realized this is a thread from last year. But anyway, if it is possible, I’d like to get some answers regarding using open-framework such as Fast.AI to develop commercial end-product.

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The fastai license is very open - there shouldn’t be any problem using it in a commercial product.