Bacground removal with deep learning

(Gidi Shperber) #1

Hi Guys,
Me and Alon Burg have released an alpha version of GreenScreen.AI - a background removal app, which we’ve been working on in the last few months.
We are also releasing 3 detailed blogposts about our work process.
You are more than welcomed to read, expereince and comment!
For any questions or inquires, feel free to contact us :slight_smile:
The app
The Blog posts -
machine learning:

(Brendan Fortuner) #2

Medium link to first post doesn’t work for me?

(Gidi Shperber) #3

Thanks, fixed it

(Alon Burg) #4

We’re considering if we should try to pursue Matting with Deep Learning as a 2nd step for improving the background removal.
Anyone has experience with combining semantic segmentation with DL matting?


Thanks for the keywords and your projects, I have one more thing to play with in the future :slight_smile:. If I can train the matting model successful I will send you a message.

(Brendan Fortuner) #6

You guys might have fun with this background removal Kaggle competition?

(Alon Burg) #7

@brendan - yep we’re trying to come up with some new architecture or combination of NN to nail this.

I’m wondering if we have a good chance of winning 1st-3rd place with simply segmentation, as it seems there are people who are more experienced then us in ensembling and training multitude of models to find the optimal hyperparameters.

(Yash Katariya) #8

@burgalon I used a U-net on 512x512 images and it worked very well. Maybe passing in a 1024x1024 image will improve the results.

Have you tried using tiramisu on it?