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(Jeremy Howard) #1

If you’ve finished part 2 of the course, join other alumni for in-depth deep learning discussions!

Since more advanced discussions can be somewhat intimidating to new students, we’ll use this special category for those who have finished the course. This also means that you can freely use any jargon or concepts that we learnt in the course and be confident that you’ll be understood! :slight_smile:

If you are discussing a specific lesson, however, please use #part1 or #part2 as appropriate.

(Md. Muhaimin Rahman) #2

I am not sure where to ask, so I am asking here.
Hello. I have read some papers on deep learning . What I noticed is they drew some diagrams explaining their architectures. Like the attached one. I was how to draw such diagrams . Is there any automatic way to do so ? or manual ? If manual , which softwares , preferably free, are best to do so ?