Abbreviations for train/validation/test variables

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Sorry my fault for not reading carefully. Yes I guess they should.

except x_tfms is now a mismatch with this group. But it’s _tfms everywhere in the current code so it’s probably good.

Ugh. Hmm… I’m having trouble coming up with reasons why it shouldn’t be tfms_x.

(Stas Bekman) #63

I think it’s correct for it to be _tfms, it’s like _dl, _ds, etc. And in the current v1 code base it is _tfms everywhere. Moreover if you do decide to flip it, then what do we do here?

DataBunch(train_tds, valid_ds, bs=bs, train_tfms=batch_transforms, valid_tfms=batch_transforms)

how do we deal with valid_ and train_ being prefixes.

I just meant that it locally will break the flow of something_x, followed by x_something.
Perhaps it shouldn’t be ‘x’ in x_tfms, but something else and that will fix the issue, leaving _tfms as is?

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Well the good news is that I removed that parameter today, so nothing to worry about now :wink: